HOA Purpose

Mission Statement
GTsLtTxhCscL40c0.pngIt shall be the mission of Buckhorn Homeowners Association to:
  • Be the recognized voice of this community to county and state governments, to other community organizations and to the news media in all matters affecting this community.
  • Provide a vehicle for the administration of deed restriction enforcement, enhancing community interactions, and the preservation of the organization and community.

Goals Statement
GTsLtTxhCscL40c0.pngIn order to meet the Mission Statement the Association will develop and adopt a proactive role that will result in:
  • Preserving and improving the property value and appearance of dwellings and enhancing the quality of life within this community. To do this the Association will adopt, publish and govern mutual beneficial standards.
  • Encouraging members of this community to be good stewards in meeting their responsibilities to the community in order to best serve our common goals.
  • Increasing the Association’s active membership to a target goal of 100%.